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    G-AVLN in front of her home

    G-AVLN in front of her home

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    Friday, September 05, 2008

    Citrix client on EeePC with Xandros Linux

    First of all, contrary to other postings, you do not have to become "root" to install Citrix client. Especially on EeePC/Xandros, where (although possible) you would not expect a multitude of different user accounts.

    The steps for installing Citrix on EeePC are not that different from any other distribution:

    1. Point the browser at:
    and download Linux ICA Client:
    Version 10.6 English 6/28/07 1.8 mb .tar.gz (x86 client - requires OpenMotif 2.2.x).

    In the Firefox download dialog, choose to Save to Disk. On the EeePC/Xandros, the default location for Firefox downloads is /home/user .

    2. Press CTRL-ALT-T to gain access to the command line.

    3. Setup the folder for the ICA client

    /home/user> mkdir citrix

    /home/user> mv en.linuxx86.tar.gz citrix

    /home/user> cd citrix

    4. Unpack the tarball file:

    /home/user/citrix> tar zxvf en.linuxx86.tar.gz




    5. Run the install script:

    /home/user/citrix> ./setupwfc

    Follow the instructions: choose Install client and the default directory (ICAClient).
    Let the installation script create the ICAClient directory

    6. Install the certificate
    If you look at my earlier posting: "Ubuntu on XPS M1330 - Installing Citrix" (Monday, April 14, 2008), you will see the content of the certificate file.
    Cut and paste it into a plain text file.
    The file name for the certificate should be:


    Hans Rasch said...

    Great article.
    This really helps me using my EEEPC at work, without having to fall back to windows.

    Erik said...

    Thanks! Works like a dream! Now I can watch my colleagues work while I'm on a trip in the USA with the manager :-)

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