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    G-AVLN in front of her home

    G-AVLN in front of her home

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    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    CentOS 5 on SATA drives

    Making SATA drives work in Linux still seems a bit of a dark art.

    I had a failure yesterday, with CentOS 5 refusing to even enter rescue mode or install procedure, asking for the driver.

    Many suggestions are posted on various sites, most of them indicating that changing BIOS settings from SATA to IDE, or even to RAID should allow to get past the problem. None of these worked for me. What did work, was giving all-generic-ide parameter to the kernel.

    So, to entering rescue mode (one goes there usually to fix bootloader, such as grub, configuration problems), place you first installation CD (od DVD) in the drive, start the machine, and wait for the boot: prompt. Then type:

    boot: linux rescue all-generic-ide

    For fresh installs, just start up the machine just as described above, except that you will enter:

    boot: linux all-generic-ide

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